About Us

Got a crazy ex?  Friend turned frenemy?  A neighbor that never mows the lawn? Coworker that can’t figure out how to use headphones while listening to the Perry Como station on Pandora?

Welcome to the home of the Original Fork Hex.  Teach that forker a lesson and hex them.  Nothing says “Fork off!” like a bottle filled with our patented Fork Hexes.  How are you sure it’s a hex? Well, there’s thirteen forks, of course!

We’re not real serious around here at ForkYou.Ninja, but we are some forking ninjas.  Let us send your frenemy one of our hexes and enjoy the comic relief while they attempt to figure out why.

We are an American company, based in America, with American employees.  The Hexes are all-American, but we can’t testify to our products.  We just buy the stuff, we don’t ask where it came from because after hexing, we’re sure they are from Hades. We suppose they could also hale from Duat, but seriously, we find it better not to ask such thing.

Note: We will not accept Fork Hex orders for political figures or celebrities.  Aren’t those people cursed enough? Especially the politicians.  They really don’t need any help from any of us.  You have been warned.  Consider any such order as a donation to our cause to feeding the minions casting the hexes an extra donut.

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